This is March

My writing schedule has some fluctuation to it. I bet that’s normal.

For the month of February, I was able to start my next book. I outlined. I contemplated. I fleshed out some ideas, and dumped others. And by the end of the month, by golly, I had two finished chapters. Only two, but I like them, and I feel fairly confident that I’m going to keep them.

But now it is March. March is the month for editing…someone else’s project. So, I am spending a great deal of time on that, and little to none on my own writing.

That’s okay, though, because April is coming. And April is my month again. Maybe I’ll write two more chapters. Maybe I’ll write three. Who knows.

But I like having this sort of schedule. By pulling away from my writing, I can focus more on what I want to say next, instead of stumbling around trying to find a direction. It also keeps me wanting to write, instead of having to write. So, there’s that.

I hope your March is wonderful, and if Spring hasn’t happened yet, rest assured: it’s right around the corner.