Private 101 is here!

It’s finally happened! I can hardly believe it…my book that was first written TEN YEARS AGO is at long last a real thing! Dreams DO come true!

It’s been a long haul, with lots of changes and necessary restructuring…the final version is very different than what I originally started with…but now, I’m a published author! This is an amazing feeling!

Private 101: One Lesbian’s Army Training is a book based on my own experiences going through Army Basic Training. However, along with of course changing all the names, locations, etc. I have also taken a LOT of poetic license with the experience, itself. A great deal of it is fictionalized, but the foundation is built on truth.

When I went through training, things were different than they are, today. Cell phones and Skyping were not real, yet. People still wrote letters. And women, while receiving the same Basic Combat Training as the men, were also not prepared for battle quite the same way, as they were not allowed to serve on the front lines, yet.

This story takes particular liberties when it comes to the amount of lesbian sexual activity. It isn’t ALL fiction, but most of it is.

It is available on Kindle Unlimited: Private 101 on Amazon

After you read it, let me know what you think!



3rd draft, 4th update

Well, I knew September was going to be busy, and I did not anticipate having any time to work on my current project, and…I didn’t. So there you go.

I did, however, finish the editing project for another author’s book more or less on time, and that one was published the first week of October, thereby freeing me to get back to my own writing project. Yesss!

So the project as it stands now, is as follows: I have definitely settled on 15 chapters. All 15 are written, but now I am doing some serious editing (3rd draft). At this time, about half way through October, I have finished Chapter 9, and am starting to poke around at Chapter 10. If this schedule continues, I’ll have all 15 chapters in reasonable shape well before the end of the month.

After the 15 are done, I will read through it all again to test read it and search out any lingering errors before turning it over to my writing partner to do with it what she will, regarding any errors, flow problems, development issues, etc.

But at this stage, I feel reasonably confident that the book should be ready to go and published on Amazon by the end of the year. Yay! I have been so concerned about this book for so long, it really feels good to finally get going on it and feel so strongly that it actually could turn out to be something fine.

So, that’s MY update!