3rd Draft Update

My adventure with the 3rd draft is going along swimmingly, much to my relief.

I have fifteen chapters to work with, and I had gotten somewhat through the first five when I realized it just wasn’t working.

So, I backed off a bit and spent some time just thinking about the draft and how I wanted it to look when I was through.

That analysis time paid off in that now I have a much better view of what I want my book to be when I’m finished…so I can begin making serious adjustments towards that end, now.

So, I went back and rewrote Chapter One. For the 4th time. And I love it. Finally, this is really looking like the book I wish I could have written from the beginning.

Now? That’s one chapter done, fourteen to go, but this time when I reach the end I’ll know it’s all over but the final polishing. And that’s an achievement I can live with.

I’m back to editing stories and books, so I won’t have as much time to work on my project, but now that I know exactly where I’m headed, that just isn’t nearly as important.

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