3rd Draft, 3rd Update

Where has the dang summer gone? I swear it was just here five minutes ago.

So here’s my sad report, aka 3rd update on my 3rd draft: I have done nothing, repeat nothing, with my writing. Not a thing. I have managed a little editing for someone else, thankfully, but I haven’t even gotten back on track with editing their major work, which I SHOULD have begun mid-August.

I blame the media (why not? everyone else is) for bringing me hours upon hours of coverage of not one but TWO major party conventions, and then following it up with, yes, days and days of the Olympics. Wasn’t the amazing coverage, well, amazing?!

I now have crawled out of my cave of non-stop TV-watching, blinking in the sunlight like a sleepy gopher, only to succumb to the siren call of pre-season football. It’s a darn conspiracy, I tell ya.

But I have high hopes for September: I plan to get back on track, editing my book one day a week, and working on editing the other project for publishing by October 1st. Wish me luck…it’s been a long summer, but this fall, I have got to get with it! Sheesh!

3rd Draft Update

My adventure with the 3rd draft is going along swimmingly, much to my relief.

I have fifteen chapters to work with, and I had gotten somewhat through the first five when I realized it just wasn’t working.

So, I backed off a bit and spent some time just thinking about the draft and how I wanted it to look when I was through.

That analysis time paid off in that now I have a much better view of what I want my book to be when I’m finished…so I can begin making serious adjustments towards that end, now.

So, I went back and rewrote Chapter One. For the 4th time. And I love it. Finally, this is really looking like the book I wish I could have written from the beginning.

Now? That’s one chapter done, fourteen to go, but this time when I reach the end I’ll know it’s all over but the final polishing. And that’s an achievement I can live with.

I’m back to editing stories and books, so I won’t have as much time to work on my project, but now that I know exactly where I’m headed, that just isn’t nearly as important.