Next Stop: 3rd Draft

I am super psyched! I finally have the 2nd draft of my book completed, which means I can finally think about moving forward on the 3rd draft.

I have completely formatted the book, and now it’s time for the true metamorphosis.

In an earlier post, I described this process like changing an apple into an orange. An update, then. I took a relatively normal-looking apple and have now, at the conclusion of the 2nd draft, changed it into an ugly apple. Next step: a 3rd draft, which is changing my book into an ugly orange. Then it’s all about the final polish.

I had really hoped I would be at this point of the process by August 1st, and as that’s tomorrow, I’ve achieved the first part of this goal. The 2nd part was to be ready for the more creative portion of the draft. Again, to follow the example, changing an apple into an orange is a lot of work, and you end up with one ugly orange.

But, I am truly excited to be at this place, this stage, at this specific moment. I’m getting all my ducks in a row, and starting tomorrow, I can finally move forward on this project! July is in the books, and August looks positively amazing.

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