As I Was Saying…

I’ve finally cleared my schedule to provide at least one day a week to work on my most important writing project at the moment, which is updating my story reflecting my experience going through US Army Basic Training.

My training story is somewhat different from most, because not only was I a lesbian during the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” time period, but also because I actually enlisted with a buddy: my then-girlfriend.

I wrote the original manuscript for this during a surprisingly short period of time back in 2006. But I wasn’t sure how to publish at all, let alone electronically, so the idea faded as unfulfilled projects are wont to do.

But now, timing, creativity, and understanding are all combining in a way that I am sure will finally culminate in a completed project, to be published this year.

Due to legalities, etc. I am changing the story from a memoir style to one of general lesbian fiction, and of course I will alter the names, locations, etc. to protect against, well, darn near everything.

So, I’ll make posts as the rewrite progresses. Future bulletins as events warrant.

4 thoughts on “As I Was Saying…

  1. Hello,

    Found you browsing publishing articles. Best wishes with your writings and with being published. With your permission, I would like to become a follower.

    Thank you for your service,



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